Halloween Day Mini Photo Session


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Fall mini sessions


Fall Mini Sessions


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It’s time for your child(ren)’s Fall Mini Session! 2 days only by appointment, Oct 19th & 20th. Choice of the classic Fall setup or the Halloween set. Only $75 for the mini session and the best 5 images as high resolution digital photos. Or Alternate Option $150 for the mini session and all the best images (at least 15 photos or more) sent to you as a digital download (no viewing appointment needed, as I’ll choose all the best ones) Contact me soon to schedule:

Adorable Contest


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It’s not too late to schedule a session for the National Adorable Contest, which is giving away over $7500 in prizes! Contact me soon for a reduced session fee of $40 for a 45 min studio session, viewing appointment right after session, and your favorite image entered into contest with a free souvenir print and Facebook photo of the entered image. Weekdays only for this reduced price, and children 3 months to 12 yrs old) The only available days left are July 18th, 19th, 20th, 23rd, 24th ,26th, 27th, and 30th. For full sessions (which can include family poses too) Saturday 21st and 28th are still available for the regular $75 session fee. Email me at with 2 preferred dates/times to  schedule your child’s session.


New Set Choices for the Baby Bunny Mini Sessions!


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The 4 baby bunnies I have this year are so special since they were born at my house from 2 of my Lionhead bunnies that I kept from previous years. They are so cute and extra fluffy!

lionhead babies

Here are the 2 new set choices for the Baby Bunny mini sessions this year:bunny mini sessionsbaby bunny photo session

Only $150 for the session, viewing and 5 photos of your choice! Also I’ll be providing the outfits for the bunny kisses set for girls from 3 months up to size 8.

Contact me soon as there are just a few spots left! Sessions are this week! Wednesday, March 21st, Friday March 23rd, and Saturday March 24th, and I just added another day for next week, Wednesday March 28th. Email me at with your preferred date and time frame.

Baby Bunny Mini Sessions 2018


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I’m so excited for my favorite mini sessions of the year coming up! Live Baby Bunny Mini Sessions! And this year I’m even more excited because these baby bunnies are very special. Two of my pet bunnies (that I kept from previous year’s mini sessions) got married and had babies! And they will be old enough just in time for the sessions! And I have to say, they are just adorable! What do you think?

bunny mini session

charcoal otter lionhead


I may even have a guest appearance by the fluffiest cuddle bunny I have, “Chatter Box” a dark charcoal Lionhead bunny who is almost 1 year old. She is very sweet and soooo fluffy!



Here is my spring setup which will be one of the set choices: The color of flowers and props can be changed to match your child’s outfit. I also have some outfits if needed, such as tutus, dresses, and suits & ties for boys, but must be decided ahead of time.

baby bunnies spring setup

I’m also working on a new set or two that I think will be super cute. More details and sample photos will be posted on my facebook page in next week or two, so make sure to follow my page and join the fb event. 🙂 *hint: For one of the new sets, I’ll be providing the outfits for girls from 3 months old, up to size 6.

I’ll also be offering this Rustic Setup as an alternative some of the days, so if you know you want this set for sure let me know at time of booking.

bunny photos

*Only 1 optional set per day to go with this spring setup, so book soon if you want a specific setup! Samples of new set(s) will hopefully be shown soon.

There are several days to choose from, by appointment only:

March 17th, 21st, 23rd, and 24th (& depending on demand I may add another day after that, so contact me if you need a different day that following week between the 26th and 31st)

Only $150; Includes a 15 minute studio mini session with baby bunnies in a cute studio setup, a 30 minute viewing immediately following session, 5 gift prints of your choice, or high resolution digital photos if you prefer, where you can print your own. Additional packages and products will be available for purchase. *Ages 3 months and up.

Email me at with your prefered date and time, with 1 alternate time choice too (on the hour, except noon, from 9am to 4pm) After your time is scheduled, then click here to pay for your session and hold your spot:  Spots will be held for only 24 hours until payment, unless another arrangement is made.


New Valentine’s Photo Studio Setup


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New “Roses are Red” studio setup for Valentine’s Mini Sessions! February 10th, by appointment. Only $100 for the 20 min session, viewing right after session, and 3 photos of your choice! (Choice of high res digital photos, or gift prints) Additional packages will be available.

I have several dresses, or tutus available for your little girls to wear, including these shown below. Ask me about what is available in your child’s size. I have a few suits available for boys too.

Valentine photos

valentine mini session

Alternate fun setup!

Saturday Feb 10th By appt.

Phone: 407-810-0386

Valentine Mini Sessions


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Valentine’s Mini Sessions are coming soon! Choice of different setups, by appointment, February 2nd & 3rd, 2018. Only $99 for the 20 min session, viewing right after session, and 3 photos of your choice! (Choice of high res digital photos, or gift prints) Additional packages will be available.

Valentine's Day photos

Christmas Mini Sessions!


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It’s time for Christmas Portraits and Holiday Mini Sessions at Linda Wilson Photography! Several setups to choose from and several days to choose from! November 13th through the 18th by appointment. Also December 1st and 2nd, by appointment. Contact me with your preferred date and time (and an alternate) and tell me which setup you’d like. My Facebook page has all the samples and titles in the “Christmas Mini Sessions” gallery in the photo album section. Also there is a Facebook event where I’ll be posting updates, so mark “going” or “interested” to get the updates.

Only $150 includes the quick mini 15 minute studio session in a cute holiday setup, and a 30 minute view/order appointment immediately following session, and 5 of your favorites as a high resolution digital photo file (or an 8×10 print of 5 if you prefer) Also there will be options for larger packages and additional products.

After we schedule your session, click here to pay and hold the spot.postcard-4inx6in-h-front

Bring a filled shoe box for Operation Christmas Child, with the shipping costs, and get an extra digital photo for FREE! I have extra boxes and tags for anyone who needs one. Or buy a plastic shoebox with a lid, or even gift wrap a regular shoe box. Visit their website for details on how to pack a shoebox.

Fall & Halloween Mini Sessions


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Fall is coming and it’s my favorite time of the year! Save the date for October 20th & 21st, 2017 for my Fall (& Halloween) mini session! A 15 minute mini studio session with a 30 minute view/order immediately following the session. There are 2 set options. The regular Fall mini setup, and my newer Halloween mini setup I introduced last year. I’ll be rotating them during the 2 days, so choose which one you’d like to do, and let me know when you contact me to schedule. Children can come in their Halloween costume or just a cute fall outfit. The cost for the session and base package is only $50 and you can upgrade your package when you see all the photos, right after the session. Limited spots are available so contact me soon to schedule, and then visit my website “store” to pay for and book the spot.

fall photos

Adorable Contest $20 Special!


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Because I had 3 winners last year in the National Adorable contest, I need more entries for more chances to win again this year since I have the most adorable customers! So we have 1 week left and I’m giving the lowest priced special ever of only $20 for the mini session fee, entry into contest, a free souvenir print, and best of all I’m adding the high resolution retouched digital photo file (with printing rights) for FREE! The special and the contest ends on July 29th, so contact me asap to schedule as spots are limited.

photo mini sessions