Happy New Year! I’m so excited for 2019! I have lots fun ideas for new setups and special mini session deals at my studio, but since I probably can’t do them all this year, I’m taking a poll to see what my customers seem most interested in. Please comment with any that you might be interested in, and feel free to add a suggestion. Thanks so much for your help and interest in the new studio setups!

  1. “Carousel Horse” with Large Rocking Carousel horse made from a real carousel with all the dresses and headpieces provided (best for girls ages 2-12 years old)
  2. “Cowboy / Cowgirl” country setup with a large “Fur Real Friend” horse named Butterscotch, that kids up to 80 pounds can sit on while it “gallops”. It’s ears, eyes, and tail moves, it whinnies, and even chomps on a carrot! (May have some outfits provided but not every size)
  3. Unicorn” studio session with unicorn tutus and headpieces, in a dreamy pastel setup (best for girls ages 6 months up to around 5 years old…will have outfits up to at least size 4 provided)
  4. “Pirates” A beach setup with pirate outfits provided and a treasure chest full of shiny treasures! All ages welcome, but may not have every size.
  5. “Wash Day” A vintage front porch setup with wash tubs, clothes line, vintage outfits, and more. Super cute for siblings maybe with the younger one in the tub, or just washing their furry friends.
  6. “Fairies and Woodsmen in the Enchanted Forest” All dresses, wings, headpieces, huntsmen outfits, swords, and more provided.
  7. “Grannies Attic” A vintage shabby chic set with antique props and all shabby chic outfits available for girls up to around size 12. Will be very pretty with mostly cream and soft pink clothing.
  8. Winter Mini Sessions in January, such as a “snow princess” winter garden setup… great for if you missed Christmas minis and wanted to do something for the winter season.
  9. “Valentine’s Day” Mini Sessions (for your children, or for you?)
  10. “Baby Bunny” Mini Sessions with live baby bunnies. Do you have a set preference of all my previous setups shown on FB, or are you interested in a new set choice?
  11. “Fourth of July” mini sessions (vintage look, or prefer more modern bright colors?)
  12. “Back to School” mini sessions with vintage school desks and props
  13. Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Minis with you and your child?
  14. Jungle / Safari setup with large plush animals
  15. Fall or Halloween Mini Sessions