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Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the “National Adorable Contest” via my studio. As most of you saw on my recent post on Facebook, my studio participants unfortunately didn’t win anything this year. Here is the link if you’d like to see their winners: https://acilab.com/adorable-contest/adorable-winners/ There were so many entries and I’m sure the judges had a very hard time in the decisions with over 1300 adorable kids to pick from. Of course I was disappointed, knowing I had actually entered the most adorable kids, so I decided to do my own personal contest with my 34 entries. I divided the entries into 3 age group categories, and had a selection of judges help choose a winner from each group to receive a free 16×20. And now I finally have all the results! However it was so difficult for my judges to agree on just one, so I actually have 2 winners from each group! Plus an added “honorable mention” prize. So the parents of these 7 adorable faces all win a free 16×20 inch print of their adorable child, compliments of Linda Wilson Photography.  Congrats! 🙂

0-11 month Winners:

princessLittle Owl

1-2 yr  Winners:


3-9 yr  Winners:

sweetheart newsboy

Honorable Mention:


Congratulations to the winners! Contact me about when your 16×20 print will be ready for pickup. (Note: These images show the cropped 16×20 proportion, which is shorter than ratio of the 4×6 entry print.) And thank you again to everyone that participated in this National Adorable Contest! I’ll most likely participate again next year for another try. But I’m glad I had my own private contest this time, too, because I truly believe I have the most adorable customers of all!