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I hope everyone is taking the time to enjoy this Christmas season. It’s not about stressing out about buying enough gifts, but about hope, joy, peace, and love. It’s celebrating the birth of our savior. It’s a time to be with family and loved ones and remind each other how much we love and appreciate them.

So with Christmas just around the corner, I have also been thinking ahead about the new year that will be here very soon. I have sooooo many exciting new ideas I will be implementing in 2014! I can’t wait to get started, but let me give you an idea of what will be new for my studio in 2014. I will have new, simpler packages, which will hopefully make ordering decisions a breeze. There will be a “Product Spotlight” each month, where a different product will be highlighted and put on sale…significantly lower than normal price for a limited time during that month. Also instead of having a different mini session each month, I will have several “Limited Edition Mini Sessions” throughout the year, along with other special events too, such as the “$25 Tuesday” which is $25 head-shots on scheduled Tuesdays…maybe a few throughout the year. But the most exciting new plan is the “Monthly Model Search” where each month I will post what type of session samples and specific model types I am looking for that month. Interested candidates would simply email me and I will choose the model I think would work well for my vision on the particular need that month. Perhaps I will even choose more than one! Models will receive a free 1 hr session, and a 1 hr view/order session, and a free facebook image for sharing online! No purchase is required, but any a la carte purchase will be 20% off! More details on all my new projects will be given soon!

May your Christmas be Merry and full of Joy, Peace, and Love! And always Remember the Reason for the Season! God Bless you and your family!