Fall & Halloween Mini Sessions


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Now Booking Fall Mini Sessions! Several choices: 3 dates, 4 setups, and 3 different pricing options to choose from! Visit my Facebook page and join my event to get updates and samples on the different setups. And click the Sign up for more info and to book and hold a spot now! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0d44a9ab2da7fb6-fall

October 19th, 26th, and 31st! Prices are $39 for Halloween photos for children in their costumes, $69 for kids on the fall sets the 19th & 26th for 3 photos, or $99 for families & 5 photos!


Aladdin & Lion King Mini Sessions!


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Aladdin & Lion King Mini Sessions at Linda Wilson Photography, portrait studio in Longwood, August 17th, or Sept 14th, by appointment only. $89 includes the mini studio session in choice of setup, quick viewing, and your favorite 5 photos as a digital download. Costumes and outfits aren’t provided but you can bring your children dressed as their favorite character, or just in a cute outfit. For Aladdin,  I have 2 background choices, Abu the Monkey, Rajah the Tiger, a magic lamp and even a magic carpet! For the Lion King I have all the characters shown in sample photo, as well as a large Lion we can use. Book now for only $9 deposit. $80 balance (in cash or check) due day of session. Sign up now to hold a spot for your child(ren)! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0d44a9ab2da7fb6-aladdin


Aladdin Mini SessionLion King Mini Session Continue reading

Adorable Contest Special


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I am looking for some adorable babies and children up to age 12 to come in to the studio in Longwood, for a discounted studio portrait session and be entered into the National Adorable Contest! They will also be modeling new backgrounds or setups I have in exchange for this discounted rate, as well as a chance to win money and a wall portrait of the entered image for the contest. Only $125 for the mini studio session and 5 photos, or $250 for all the best photos (approximately 25 or so) Or just $50 more for 2 different setups, and all the best photos (at least 40) Contact me soon to book. This special & the contest ends this month, July 27th. adorable contest

4th of July Mini Sessions!


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4th of July Mini Photo Sessions are only $49 for the quick session and 4 high resolution digital photos! 2 dates and 2 setups to choose from!

Thursday, June 27th AND Saturday, June 29th, by appointment (see sign up link below) ONLY $49!

Fireworks on the Beach!4th of July Mini Session

Click here to see more samples on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/lindawilsonphotography/

Click here to book your child(ren)’s spot for just a $9 deposit (40 balance due in cash day of session)  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0d44a9ab2da7fb6-4thofjuly

Summer Minis are coming soon! First up is Toy Story & Lemonade Stand!


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“Andy’s Room” Toy Story and “Freshly Squeezed” Lemonade Stand!

Bring your little ones to my first set of the Summer Mini Sessions! Enjoy the NEW LOW PRICE of Only $65 for the mini studio session and the best 5 digital photos! Your choice of one of these cute new setups, 2 days only, June 14-15, by appointment.  *I’d love to keep lower prices for my summer minis so more can participate, and word of mouth is the best way to advertise. Please share this & future events with your friends! Thank you so much!

Make sure you coordinate their outfits to match the setup and feel free to bring your child’s own Toy Story toys and costumes. The setups are small, maybe can fit up to 3 small ones at a time. If you have more than 1 child, you can either book one spot for all group photos of your children, or you can book a spot for each child for a combo of group photos, and extra individual photos too. (5 images per paid spot) If you want both sets, just book an extra spot next to eachother. To book click the link and choose your time. Make sure to read all the info in the sign up and it’s best to do on a computer (not your phone as it doesn’t always hold the spot) Only $15 deposit and the $50 balance is due that day of session (cash only please)

Here is the link to book: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0d44a9ab2da7fb6-toystory

Summer Mini Sessions

Baby Bunny Mini Photo Sessions


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My Favorite Mini Sessions are coming soon! Live baby bunny mini sessions at Linda Wilson Photography! I have the cutest new baby bunnies growing up now and will be the perfect age and so fluffy! I will have several set choices including 3 new ones! I’m super excited. Follow my Facebook page (under the Bunny Mini Session gallery) and also my Facebook event for the Bunny Mini Sessions. Click “interested or going” to get all the updates.

These sessions will take place starting April 3rd, until the 13th, select days only, and possibly 1 day the following week. These are the tentative dates as of now:  April 3rd, 5th, 6th, 10th, 12th, & 13th (subject to change until booked) By appointment only. There are 3 different pricing options:

$125 for mini session and the best 5 digital photos (photographer’s choice)

$150 for mini session, extra time slot for viewing right after, and your choice of your favorite 5 digital photos (or 8×10 prints if preferred) with option to purchase more.

$250 for the mini session, and ALL the best digital photos. At least 25 images but probably more!

Contact me soon to book a day and time for your little ones to come hold the sweet fluffy babies! Note I will have some fake bunnies and chicks on hand for the children that might be afraid of the live ones. 🙂 Also I supply outfits for the Bunny Kisses set up to sz 8 in girls, and I also have some boys suits in various sizes if interested…

Here are a few of the previous setups shown below. Only 2 setups can be up each day, so if you know for sure you want a certain set, then book soon! New sets are going to be super cute too! One is called “Egg Painting Today” another is “Grandma’s Porch” and the other is “Spring Views in the Barn” Oh and the “Fairy Cottage” too! Wow, so many to choose from!

Bunny Mini Sessions

Bunny Mini Session

Bunny Mini Sessions

Valentine Mini Sessions


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Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions are 2 days only, Feb 1 & 2, by appointment. Reduced Prices! Only $75 for the session and the best 5 images, or $150 for the session and all the best images (approximately 25) Different set choices available. I have a lot of outfits for both boys and girls. Ask for details on your child’s size. Contact me soon to schedule. Adult couples are welcome too! Visit my Facebook Event for updates. https://www.facebook.com/events/2303489156549800/ Also samples of some other setups are in the Valentine gallery on my page (but not all the sets will be available this year) email: linda@lindawilsonphoto.com

Headshot Mini Sessions


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Quick discounted head shot studio portrait session with your favorite image, retouched and sent to you as a high resolution digital photo to use for social media, website, business cards, prints, etc. One day sale for just $75 (normally $100) Friday Jan 25th. Bring 2 or more friends during your time slot, get yours FREE! (or to be fair you can each pay only $50) I will have 2 background choices to choose from. By appointment only. Email me to schedule: linda@lindawilsonphoto.com

Head-shot photos

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I’m so excited for 2019! I have lots fun ideas for new setups and special mini session deals at my studio, but since I probably can’t do them all this year, I’m taking a poll to see what my customers seem most interested in. Please comment with any that you might be interested in, and feel free to add a suggestion. Thanks so much for your help and interest in the new studio setups!

  1. “Carousel Horse” with Large Rocking Carousel horse made from a real carousel with all the dresses and headpieces provided (best for girls ages 2-12 years old)
  2. “Cowboy / Cowgirl” country setup with a large “Fur Real Friend” horse named Butterscotch, that kids up to 80 pounds can sit on while it “gallops”. It’s ears, eyes, and tail moves, it whinnies, and even chomps on a carrot! (May have some outfits provided but not every size)
  3. Unicorn” studio session with unicorn tutus and headpieces, in a dreamy pastel setup (best for girls ages 6 months up to around 5 years old…will have outfits up to at least size 4 provided)
  4. “Pirates” A beach setup with pirate outfits provided and a treasure chest full of shiny treasures! All ages welcome, but may not have every size.
  5. “Wash Day” A vintage front porch setup with wash tubs, clothes line, vintage outfits, and more. Super cute for siblings maybe with the younger one in the tub, or just washing their furry friends.
  6. “Fairies and Woodsmen in the Enchanted Forest” All dresses, wings, headpieces, huntsmen outfits, swords, and more provided.
  7. “Grannies Attic” A vintage shabby chic set with antique props and all shabby chic outfits available for girls up to around size 12. Will be very pretty with mostly cream and soft pink clothing.
  8. Winter Mini Sessions in January, such as a “snow princess” winter garden setup… great for if you missed Christmas minis and wanted to do something for the winter season.
  9. “Valentine’s Day” Mini Sessions (for your children, or for you?)
  10. “Baby Bunny” Mini Sessions with live baby bunnies. Do you have a set preference of all my previous setups shown on FB, or are you interested in a new set choice?
  11. “Fourth of July” mini sessions (vintage look, or prefer more modern bright colors?)
  12. “Back to School” mini sessions with vintage school desks and props
  13. Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Minis with you and your child?
  14. Jungle / Safari setup with large plush animals
  15. Fall or Halloween Mini Sessions

Christmas Mini Sessions!


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Now Booking Christmas Mini Sessions! Several Date Options: November 9th & 10th; 12-17th; 30th, & Dec 1st! Minis are only $125 for session and the best 5 digital photos! (Add $25 for extra time slot for viewing to pick your own) Or $250 for the session and ALL the photos! (at least 20 photos) Contact me soon to book your appointment! I will have 2 setups each day. Once 2 are chosen for that day, those are it, so book soon to get the set and day you want! Check out my “Christmas Mini Sessions” gallery on my Facebook page to see all the setups: https://www.facebook.com/lindawilsonphotography/

I am working on a couple new ones as well. Follow my Facebook page to see all the updates. I’ll also be updating the sets for each day as they are chosen. So far, Nov 10th will have the Jingle Bells setup.

Once we’ve scheduled a day/time/and setup, you must pay online to hold your spot. Here is the link to do that: http://www.lindawilsonphoto.com/store/session-options Choose which of the 2 Christmas options you’d like, and if you are choosing the smaller option and want the extra time slot to pick your favorite 5 photos (rather than having me pick the best ones) then add the last option for $25 before checking out.

Contact me to Book or if you have any questions at all. http://www.lindawilsonphoto.com